Capri classic tourPrivate Tour

Capri classic tour

Duration: 8 hrs. (approx)

Set sail with us from the nearest port to you and enjoy a relaxing day!

First stage of our tour is the port of Marina Grande, in Capri, where we will stop to visit the wonders of the area, have a coffee or do some “healthy” shopping. After this stop, our itinerary includes a tour of the island through which we will show you a multitude of masterpieces of nature as the characteristic Green Cave, the famous Blue Grotto, a natural arch above the sea, the charming White Cave and the Faraglioni.  You also have the chance, buying a ticket, to get into the renowned Blue Grotto with a small rowing boat.  During the tour, you can snorkel many times.

We will give each of you a beach towel and, during the trip, we will offer you a soft drink, a beer, a glass of limoncello made with lemons from Sorrento and a snack.

Price list for daily tour:

:: Gozzo 32 feet (max. 10 guests)

From Sorrento coast area

800€(1-5guests)    1000€(6-10guests)

From Amalfi coast area

1000€(1-5guests)    1200€(6-10guests)

:: Speedboat 40 feet (max. 10 guests)

From Sorrento coast area 

1000€(1-5guests)    1200€(6-10guests)

From Amalfi coast area

1200€(1-5guests)    1400€(6-10guests)

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