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Procida tour

Duration: 8 hrs. (approx)

Visit with us the colorful hamlet of Procida!

The tour will start from the nearest port to you and you will land on the shores of the island of Procida, rich in natural caves and hidden coves. Once there, the first thing you will see are the features aligned colored houses. Then, you can enjoy some breathtaking views as the picturesque harbor of Marina Corricella, the touristic Marina of Chiaiolella, the amazing Faro and the fortress of the medieval village of Terra Murata with the ancient Abbey and the old Penitentiary.  During the tour, you can snorkel many times.

We will give each of you a beach towel and, during the trip, we will offer you a soft drink, a beer, a glass of limoncello made with lemons from Sorrento and a snack.

Price list for daily tour:

::Gozzo 32 feet (max. 10 guests)

From Sorrento coast area

1100€(1-5guests)    1300€(6-10guests)

::Speedboat 40 feet (max. 10 guests)

From Sorrento coast area 

1200€(1-5guests)    1400€(6-10guests)

From Amalfi coast area

1400€(1-5guests)    1600€(6-10guests)

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